Theme Park Tribune is actively looking for freelance contributors who can provide quality theme park content that adheres to journalistic standards. These reports could cover theme park rumors, history topics, inside stories of how attractions were designed and built, really anything interesting in the theme park realm that goes beyond rating the latest cupcake.

We are also happy to accept content submissions from individuals with expertise in the theme park industry. Op-eds, essays, analysis, whatever you want to call it, as long as it’s interesting.

Theme Park Tribune will not insult writers with the idea that “exposure” is acceptable compensation. Payment will be negotiated, before you do any work, on a case-by-case basis.

We are also looking to fill volunteer positions for one or two podcast co-hosts for a biweekly (as in once every two weeks) show. Familiarity with the Orlando and California theme parks is a must here. We’re leaning towards a podcast concept around finding the best deals in theme park travel.

If you’re interested in contributing to Theme Park Tribune, please email owner John Gregory at