The first of the single-rail Raptor roller coasters will be back online on Friday, Sept. 29 at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster temporarily closed in July as part of a multi-phase refurbishment to the five-year-old coaster built by Rocky Mountain Construction. Fiesta Texas park president Jeffrey Siebert said the first phase, which included work on the ride’s station, track and control systems, is now complete. 

The single-rail coaster features a 90-degree, 100-foot drop, and hits 52 mph through three inversions along its 1,800 feet of track. 

The popularity of the coaster has led to the Six Flags chain building more single-rail models at its Great Adventure and Magic Mountain parks. However, the Fiesta Texas original (and a nearly-identical coaster, RailBlazer, that also opened in 2018 at the Cedar Fair-owned California’s Great America) has struggled with issues with its prototype trains — which caused an extended closure of the ride during the peak of the summer season in 2022.   

Another single-rail coaster, the dueling family ride Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster, is still scheduled to open at Fiesta Texas before the end of 2023 and has recently entered its testing phase.