Six Flags Magic Mountain is making progress on the park’s 20th roller coaster, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, ahead of its scheduled summer opening.

Rendering of the new coaster (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

The new coaster will be a single-rail model, known as a Raptor, from Rocky Mountain Construction, the company behind hybrid wood-and-steel coasters like Magic Mountain’s own Twisted Colossus.

What’s exciting for Magic Mountain guests is that along with the new coaster, the park is making some upgrades and changes to the larger DC Universe section of the park. That includes retheming what was previously called the Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth.

The former Lasso of Truth entrance (Ethan Becker)

This wouldn’t be the first time its been rechristened, as the Super Round-Up spinner has operated under four names since first opening in 1974: Electric Rainbow, Turbo, Grinder Gearworks, and then adopting the Wonder Woman moniker in 2011.

Another flat ride, The Flash: Speed Force, has been removed entirely to make room for the new coaster, and is rumored to be rebuilt somewhere else in the park at a later date.

Inside the Metropolis area of DC Universe, you can see most of the ongoing work on Flight of Courage. Supports are going up quickly and track is nearly ready to be installed.

Overview of Flight of Courage construction (Ethan Becker)

Here’s a closer look at the structure where the dive loop after the first drop will be located. The lower part of the structure will support a small wave turn element.

Where the dive loop will be located (Ethan Becker)

You can also see some of the construction from the entrance of Ridder’s Revenge.

View of construction from Riddler’s Revenge (Ethan Becker)

Track has also arrived on site, marking a milestone in the coaster’s construction.

Wonder Woman Flight of Courage (Ethan Becker)

One minor addition to Magic Mountain ahead of its new coaster: these wonderful digital wait time signs throughout the park. No more guessing the wait times if you don’t have the Six Flags app.

New wait time sign at Magic Mountain (Ethan Becker)

When Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage opens this summer, it will be the tallest (131 feet) and longest (3,300 feet of track) single-rail coaster, just edging out Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure, another RMC Raptor.

For any coaster fans who can’t wait to experience Magic Mountain’s 20th coaster, smaller RMC Raptors can be found at California’s Great America, Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Idaho’s Silverwood.