A stunt performer at Universal Studios Hollywood’s “Waterworld” show was hospitalized after an accident that occurred during a Monday afternoon show.

In a statement to multiple media outlets, Universal Hollywood said, “We can confirm a performer with one of our long-standing show vendors was transported to the hospital following a stunt during an afternoon performance and our thoughts are with him as he receives care. Details surrounding the event are being reviewed.”

Daisy Anguiano, a guest watching the show, told KABC that the accident happened following a scene when the show’s villain, The Deacon, catches fire and falls into the water. She said she saw another cast member grabbed a life preserver following the fall and witnessed the performer being moved to a backstage area. Deadline reported that the performer received CPR and was conscious before being transferred to a hospital.

No further update on the performer’s condition has been provided. As of Tuesday morning, no show times for “Waterworld” were listed in Universal Hollywood’s official app.

The “Waterworld” stunt show debuted at Universal Studios Hollywood in 1995 and has since been cloned for Universal parks in Japan, Singapore and China.