Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure won’t be welcoming guests until “midday for the next couple of weeks,” Universal Orlando said, saying the new attraction needs more time for maintenance.

The new “Harry Potter”-themed coaster has drawn rave reviews, but has also seen waits as long as 10 hours, numerous weather delays and on-ride malfunctions. Some of these miscues have been captured by guests.

Universal announced the change in the ride’s operation on Twitter:

“Hagrid’s Magic Creatures Motorbike Adventure is even more popular than we could have imagined – and we’ve been working hard to make sure everyone who wants to ride gets to do so. We’ve been managing through significant weather delays and running the attraction beyond regular park hours to accommodate our guests. But this is our most sophisticated, high-performance, ride system ever — and our team needs time to take care of the ride’s daily maintenance and technical support. It’s been challenging for them to do that with our current operating schedule. So to make sure our team has the time it needs, we’ll be opening the ride at midday for the next couple of weeks. We are sharing this so you can better plan your day.

“During this time, it’s best for you to enjoy the rest of Universal’s Islands of Adventure in the morning — and check in with our operations team for daily updates. And we’ll share any updates with you here, too.”

Universal did not respond to a request for further comment. The announcement leaves many questions unanswered for park guests, including whether hours will be further adjusted in case of additional weather delays, whether guests will be allowed to queue up for the ride as soon as the park opens if they wish, and when will Universal begin implementing the promised Virtual Line reservation system for the ride.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure was manufactured by Intamin, a Switzerland-based firm responsible for several other major attractions in Central Florida, including Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida and Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando.

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