Just days after Universal Orlando announced its new DreamWorks Destination character greeting experience, guests began seeing technical rehearsals of the attraction.

Taking over the theater that housed “A Day in the Park with Barney” for 25 years at Universal Studios Florida, DreamWorks Destination offers only small changes to the physical space. In the area that once housed the Mr./Mrs. Peekaboo preshow, there’s just a curtain and some TV screens.

Once inside the theater, parties are assigned numbers in one of three sections, This allows for distancing between guests as they are called up one by one for a closer photo opportunity with one of the characters.

A host and a trio of dancers hype up the kids and ask simple trivia about DreamWorks movies. Every few minutes, the characters rotate to the next space, giving guests a chance to get a picture with all three characters without moving.

Looking around the space, it’s not what most people would describe as an “incredibly themed” environment, despite Universal describing it as exactly that in its recent press release. It’s just the Barney theater with the seating removed, DreamWorks characters and art added and a bit of new lighting.

Still, it may provide a venue for introducing new DreamWorks characters into the parks. On the way out, an upcoming release was being promoted.

Could this be a sign that new characters will be coming to this space to coincide with new DreamWorks releases?

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