Workers at Universal Orlando Resort who have not been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are required to wear a face masks “at all times while on property,” according to new guidelines released Tuesday.

The changes were announced on a website for Universal team members. While unvaccinated employees have been under tighter mask requirements for months compared to their vaccination colleagues, the latest change codifies that the unvaccinated need to wear a mask in nearly every environment while at work. That includes indoor spaces while “onstage” in front of guests — just like vaccinated workers — but also in “pathways, breakrooms, conference rooms, cubicles, company vehicles, carts, shuttles, etc.” and “when working outside the service complex on/near roadways.”

The policy also notes that the unvaccinated “are required to practice social distancing whenever possible.”

The lone exceptions to the mask rule for unvaccinated workers include when they’re alone inside a private office or brief moments when actively eating or drinking. In contrast, vaccinated workers are only required to wear masks in indoor settings considered “onstage,” though they may continue to wear a face covering if they choose.

@AllCentralFlorida, which first alerted Theme Park Tribune to the changes, posted a side-by-side comparison of the July and September editions of the team member mask policies.

Universal Orlando spokesperson Alyson Gernert confirmed to Theme Park Tribune that the face covering requirements for guests have not changed. Despite CDC recommendations, and rival Disney World bringing back its own indoor mask mandate in late July, Universal does not currently require guests to wear masks in indoor spaces, regardless of their vaccination status.

Face masks have been shown to be effective in reducing COVID-19 transmission.