A reservation system may be used for Universal Studios Hollywood’s upcoming Super Nintendo World, according to the fine print on new annual pass sales. 

Among the perks listed for the Platinum Annual Pass is “one-time (per day after 3pm) reservation-free entry into Super Nintendo World (opening early 2023) when reservations are required to enter the land.” This is the first indication of how Universal may manage demand for the new land. 

A timed entry system was used at Universal Studios Japan when its Super Nintendo World opened in 2021. Other Universal parks also limited access to lands when they debuted to prevent overcrowding. Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida once used a ticket system with one-hour return windows when the land reached capacity, and Hollywood used a similar system on busier days when its own Wizarding World area, Hogsmeade, opened in 2016.  

Exactly when fans will have to scoop up Super Nintendo World reservations is still undetermined. While rumors have persisted that soft openings could begin as early as January, and the most recent episode of the “The Disney Dish with Jim Hill” podcast reported that the land will open on March 10, Universal Hollywood has not updated the land’s opening timeframe beyond “early 2023.” Animatronics began testing in the land months ago. 

Hollywood’s version of Super Nintendo World will feature one new ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, which will not be included in Universal Express passes. The land will also feature interactive elements that can be linked to a “Power-Up band,” a Toad-themed restaurant and at least one new store.