One of the few remaining locations dating from Universal Studios Florida’s opening is now closed, to be replaced with a new, unspecified “dining concept.”

Beverly Hills Boulangerie, a French-themed bakery, has sat just inside the park’s gates since it opened along with Universal Studios Florida in 1990, making it a popular choice for guests who skipped breakfast. In a response to a question from writer Alicia Stella, Universal confirmed Monday it has shuttered for good.

“Beverly Hills Boulangerie has permanently closed,” Universal said on its official Twitter account. “We are working on an exciting, new dining concept for Universal Studios Florida. More details will be revealed in the months ahead!”

Universal did not respond to Orlando Rising’s requests for comment on the closure. Inspection permits from the city of Orlando reveal nothing about what will take its place.

Both and Theme Park University have reported that a cafe based around NBC’s “Today” show is the rumored replacement.

The mystery adds to the growing list of unspecified future plans at Universal; the park has yet to announce an opening date or a confirmed theme for its under-construction “Harry Potter”-themed coaster in Islands of Adventure. Just down the street from the Boulangerie, crews are working on the former Terminator 2:3-D building, but Universal hasn’t said what film or television franchise will provide the basis for the new show opening there later this year.

For those needing a breakfast fix once they’re inside Universal Studios Florida, most items from Beverly Hills Boulangerie’s menu can still be found at San Francisco Pastry Company, just next to Lombard’s Seafood Grille along the park’s lagoon.

Few attractions or restaurants remain from the park’s opening on June 7, 1990. Only one ride, The ET Adventure, exists in largely the same form. The Horror Make-Up Show and Animal Actors on Stage remain open, but have been altered from their opening day incarnations.