A trademark lawsuit has led to Universal Orlando changing the name of one major attraction coming to its new Epic Universe theme park in 2025. 

Universal stealthily changed the name of Starfall Racers — a pair of dueling launch coasters located in the Celestial Park hub — to Stardust Racers on its website. Universal had applied to trademark the name in 2023. However, a lawsuit challenging that application was filed earlier this month in a Colorado federal court by the nonprofit Starfall Education Foundation.

The suit stated that, “Universal has now misappropriated the very popular brand Starfall to target and attract children, including in Colorado. This will benefit Universal, as children are strong influencers of their parents’ purchasing decisions, particularly when it comes to purchases intended to entertain the whole family.” 

The Boulder, Colorado-based Starfall, founded in 2002, teaches reading, writing and mathematics through its website and educational apps. (In an interesting footnote, the company’s founder, Stephen Schutz, is the father of current Colorado Gov. Jared Polis.)

Starfall argued in its lawsuit that allowing the Starfall Racers name on a Universal coaster would harm the foundation’s family-friendly image, along with violating its trademark. “In sharp contrast to Starfall, Universal promotes its theme parks in part with violent content that can trigger aggression in children. This is the antithesis of what Starfall represents, and Universal’s unauthorized use of the Starfall name constitutes trademark infringement.” 

Shortly before the lawsuit was filed, Universal had filed a trademark application for Stardust Racers. While Universal’s parent company, Comcast, has not yet formally responded to the lawsuit, the quick name change and new trademark is all but certain to close the dispute.

The newly-renamed dueling coasters were built by Mack Rides, a German amusement park manufacturer whose coaster portfolio includes Copperhead Strike at Carowinds and Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The company is also behind another launch coaster coming to Epic Universe in the park’s Dark Universe section.