Just a week after its public debut, Cedar Point’s Top Thrill 2 roller coaster is now closed until further notice, the park announced Sunday morning.

Top Thrill 2 was unexpectedly closed on Saturday, having operated largely without issues during media and passholder previews and Cedar Point’s first official days of the 2024 season on May 4, 5, 6, 9, and 10. 

Sunday’s announcement doesn’t give an exact reason for what Cedar Point is calling an “extended closure.”

Top Thrill 2 is a revamp on the old Top Thrill Dragster, which closed in 2021 following an accident. Before that accident, Top Thrill Dragster had a reputation for being unreliable, and the reworked ride was meant to solve those downtime issues, along with adding a multi-pass launch and a second 420-foot tower to significantly alter the ride experience.

Italian rides manufacturer Zamperla was brought in to revamp the ride, which had originally been designed by Intamin. The choice of Zamperla was a surprise to many roller coaster fans at the time, as the company is largely known for developing smaller coasters and flat rides, many of which are displayed at the Zamperla-owned Luna Park at Coney Island in New York.

Top Thrill 2 had received rave reviews from its early riders. Veteran theme park reporter Arthur Levine called it an improvement over its predecessor and said the airtime on its 420-foot top hat “may be the most potent I have ever experienced.”