Another beloved Nintendo character has joined the meet-and-greet lineup at Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Universal announced in a press release Monday that Toad “will now be on hand to meet and interact with guests visiting from around the world.” The Mushroom Kingdom resident and attendant to Princess Peach has been a part of the “Mario” franchise since its NES days. 

Toad (Universal)

The addition of Toad is not unexpected; Universal Studios Japan’s version of Super Nintendo World had Toad as a walk-about character since its beginning, whereas only Mario, Luigi, and Peach have been featured in Hollywood since the land debuted earlier this year.

Toad’s meet-and-greet location is beside Peach’s Castle near the land’s entrance. Inside Universal reported that while no set greeting times are available — as has been the case with the land’s other characters — Toad began meeting guests around 2 p.m. over the weekend. 

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