Universal Orlando released the first details on Halloween Horror Nights 2016 Thursday, and fans of horror classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have reason to celebrate.

The 1974 film will serve as the backdrop for one of the haunted houses at the event, and Universal promises park goers will “experience every scene, every kill, every bone-chilling rev of the chainsaw from the original masterpiece.”

Universal hasn’t announced any details about what other famous monsters and horror icons may appear alongside the chainsaw-wielding, human-skin-wearing Leatherface in 2016, though they are sure to start leaking more details as the Sept. 16 start looms closer.

This year is the 26th edition of Halloween Horror Nights, which got its start at Universal Orlando in 1991. Since its debut, the company has introduced the themed event to its parks in California, Singapore and Japan and expanded it from a single weekend in the first offering to a six-week event.

Last year, for the 25th anniversary of the event, horror icons Freddy Kreuger and Jason Voorhees headlined the Orlando version of the event, with characters and sights from supernatural horror film Insidious and zombie TV-series The Walking Dead also appearing in the park.