The secret history of Baatu and Black Spire Outpost, the settings for Disneyland and Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, will be detailed in a new book, “Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire.”

Disney released new details and cover art for the book. It will be released on August 27 — days after Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and well past the May 31 opening at Disneyland in Anaheim.

Authored by Delilah S. Dawson, a veteran of science fiction and fantasy novels such as “Wicked as They Come” and 2017’s “Star Wars: Phasma,” the new book follows Vi, a top Resistance spy searching for allies on orders from Leia Organa.

She thinks she may have found them on Batuu, a lushly forested world on the edge of wild space that attracts some rather unscrupulous characters.

“To survive, Vi will have to ingratiate herself to a world that redefines scum and villainy,” Disney Parks editorial content director Thomas Smith wrote on the Disney Parks Blog. “With the help of a traitorous trooper and her acerbic droid, she begins to gather a colorful band of outcasts and misfits, and embarks on a mission to spark the fire of resistance on Batuu—before the First Order snuffs it out entirely.”

This isn’t the first book to head to Batuu. It served as the setting for parts of “Thrawn: Alliances,” a Star Wars book by Timothy Zahn released in July 2018. Before the new book is released, a comic miniseries from Marvel due out next month will explore the Galaxy’s Edge setting and characters, including Dok-Ondar, the namesake for one of the 14-acre’s shops.

Earlier this month, Disney announced Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland and Disney World would be opening ahead of schedule. Only one of the area’s new rides, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, will open with the rest of the land, with the larger Rise of the Resistance following later in the year as part of its second phase. In an unprecedented move, Disney will open Smuggler’s Run without offering FastPass for guests to reserve their ride times in advance.

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