A two-night stay inside Disney World’s immersive Star Wars hotel experience will set you back as much as $6,000 for a family of four. 

Disney announced the pricing for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Wednesday, and as expected, the rates resemble what you’d pay for a cruise ship more than a typical Disney hotel. According to Disney, the package price includes room, meals, valet parking, entry to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and “the opportunity to live your Star Wars story through exclusive experiences, missions and activities.”


Like a cruise ship, there will be three different room options:

  • Standard cabins: a single room for four to five guests with a queen bed, two bunk beds, and a wall pull-down bed for an adult
  • Galaxy Class suite: a one-bedroom configuration that can sleep four guests, with one queen bed and two pull-down beds
  • Grand Captain suite: a two-bedroom suite that can sleep 8 guests, featuring two bathrooms and a bar area
Star Wars Galactic Starcrusier room

A standard cabin inside Galactic Starcruiser (Disney)

To help judge whether this pricing is justified, Disney also released a sample itinerary. For a 45-hour span, guests can expect to have most of their time occupied with activities other Disney guests can’t access, such as a lightsaber training session.

Disney’s announcement did clear up one unanswered question: yes, guests can dress for their galactic excursion. The Disney World website states, “As you will become a unique character in the Star Wars galaxy, we invite you to dress the part.” Apparel will be available to buy at the hotel as well as in advance. 

Reservations for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser are not yet available, but the hotel is scheduled to open in spring 2022.