With no new attractions coming for the 2023 season, Six Flags Great America highlighted what will be new on its food menus when it reopens on April 22. 

The Gurnee, Illinois park revealed the new food options on its Twitter Friday night:

Great America didn’t say where these new menu items would be offered.

No other major changes have been announced for the park for 2023. Fans have been speculating that the water ride Buccaneer Battle — which has only operated on rare days since the park reopened from its COVID-19 shutdown in April 2021 — will be declared permanently closed and torn down. 

While a purportedly leaked 2023 park map from the SFGAMWorld.com forums shows Buccaneer Battle and the Dare Devil Dive skycoaster rides as being removed, Theme Park Tribune has been unable to verify the map’s authenticity. 

Great America has not opened a new ride since before the pandemic. Its major change last season was rechristening the former Yankee Harbor as DC Universe, which included lightly retheming existing rides, restaurants and food stands to feature DC Comics characters.