The proposed merger of Six Flags and Cedar Fair is still expected to be completed by the end of June, both companies’ CEOs confirmed in separate earnings calls on Thursday.

As was the case with their last quarterly earnings reports, Six Flags and Cedar Fair executives said they would not be taking questions from Wall Street analysts about the $8 billion merger, which was announced in November. Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul, however, broke his own rule to offer a few promises regarding how the combined company would operate. 

In response to a question about having a shared pass system or loyalty program after the merger, Bassoul said, “We like to have our parks remain basically autonomous, being able to cater to their local communities…We’re trying to make sure what is best for the guest is first,  and if merging the loyalty program is better, we’ll make that happen. If it’s too complicated and we won’t make it happen.”

Bassoul added that this “decentralized” approach will include not changing established park names. “The names are remaining the same,” he said. “Cedar Point remains Cedar Point, it doesn’t become Six Flags Cedar Point.”

Cedar Fair’s earnings call did not feature any major updates related to the merger. Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman did say that they “continue to work constructively with the [U.S. Department of Justice] in its ongoing review of the merger.” The DOJ had requested more information on the merger in January, but has so far not taken any action to block the deal.

Once the merger is complete, the combined company will retain the Six Flags name, though Cedar Fair shareholders — who did not get to vote on the deal, as Six Flags shareholders did — will have 51 percent control of the company. Zimmerman will become the new company’s CEO and Bassoul its executive chairman.