The merger of Six Flags and Cedar Fair into one $8 million amusement park behemoth become official Monday, but guests shouldn’t expect their in-park experiences to change much in the near future. 

Upon completion of the merger when markets closed Monday, the combined company debuted a new logo blending the style of the Cedar Fair emblem with the Six Flags name.

New Six Flags logo after Cedar Fair merger (Six Flags)

“Today marks a significant milestone for our company, shareholders, guests and associates, unlocking higher value and greater opportunities to deliver engaging entertainment experiences,” said Richard Zimmerman, the president and CEO of the new Six Flags who previously held the same roles at Cedar Fair. 

Here’s a look at all 42 parks that are now a part of Six Flags across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Six Flags parks as of July 2024 (Six Flags)

No changes to any parks’ names are “currently being planned or contemplated,” according to a Six Flags press release. In fact, a FAQ page posted on the websites of each park in the chain makes it clear that very little would be changing in the short term. 

For example, the FAQ says there will be “no immediate changes” to any 2024 season passes, including existing discounts and benefits. That also means Cedar Fair passes won’t get you into Six Flags parks during the 2024 season and vice versa.  

“It’s clear our guests see tremendous value in the season-pass programs,” the FAQ states. “There are no plans to offer a new season pass with access to all parks in 2024. However, we believe there may be an opportunity in the future to offer expanded park access to season pass holders. Please check your home park’s website for updates on Season Pass product offerings and all park access options.”

The $8 billion combined company may be called Six Flags, but the leadership is mostly drawn from Cedar Fair, including Zimmerman, and Cedar Fair shareholders will own 52 percent of the new company. The only Six Flags veterans holding senior positions after the merger are former Six Flags CEO Selim Bassoul, who will serve as the executive chairman of the board of directors, and former CFO Gary Mick, who will be the Chief Integration Officer.