The next theme park in the SeaWorld chain now has an opening date. 

Like so much else in the themed entertainment, Sesame Place San Diego was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but SeaWorld announced during a construction tour Wednesday that the new park will open in March 2022. 

The park is being built out of what was Aquatica San Diego, located in Chula Vista, California, about a 22-mile drive away from SeaWorld San Diego. While “Sesame Street” areas exist in other SeaWorld parks, including the land that opened in Orlando in 2019, this will be the second park in the U.S. dedicated solely to the legendary children’s TV show. 

Upon opening, the park will feature more water rides (11) than dry rides (seven), but will include a new “Sesame Street” neighborhood for character greetings, a parade and a live theater show. 

“This place comes to life because of our characters, the characters of Sesame Street, these friends of mine,” Sesame Place project manager Clink Brinker said. “They are the heart and soul, along with the neighborhood that you know from the show. That’s what makes Sesame Place special. And it brings all that love and fun and excitement and a place for four families to both learn and grow together.”

Concept art of Sesame Place San Diego (SeaWorld)

The new park will feature a new coaster, Super Grover’s Box Car Derby. Like the coasters bearing that name in Orlando and San Antonio, it will be a Zierer Force coaster model. 

It will also open with the title of “Certified Autism Center.” This designation mean park employees have completed extra training on autism sensitivity and awareness, and the park extra resources for guests with autism and their families, including a sensory guide and “quiet rooms” to get a break from the sensory overload often found in a theme park. 

March 2022 is shaping up to be a busy month for SeaWorld parks. Along with Sesame Place San Diego, the month will see the debut of three new coasters: Emperor at SeaWorld San Diego, Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Iron Gwazi at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.