SeaWorld Orlando announced Tuesday that the park’s first baby walrus was born ten days ago.

A 14-year-old Pacific walrus, named Kaboodle, delivered the calf after midnight June 3.

The calf is the first walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando and the fifth walrus at the park. Garfield is the father of the calf and Bruiser (male) and Slowpoke (female) round out the walrus team that performs in the Clyde and Seamore Show.

Kaboodle has taken to motherhood, according to Susan Story, a SeaWorld spokesperson. The pair are already vocalizing with each other and snuggle while they sleep.

“She (Kaboodle) is attentive, nursing consistently and both she and the calf appear to be healthy and thriving,” Storey said in an email. “Our veterinary and husbandry teams continue to monitor the pair around the clock. Our top priority is the bonding and relationship between the calf and Kaboodle.”

The park’s vets provided prenatal care and ultrasounds during the 15-month pregnancy.

Kaboodle and her calf are not on public display.

SeaWorld usually welcomes animal births within days and did not answer a reporter’s question about the delayed announcement. The birth comes just weeks after a Commerson’s dolphin calf died shortly after birth May 17 at Aquatica.