SeaWorld Orlando’s new redheaded walrus calf has been named Ginger.

An online poll helped name the first walrus born at SeaWorld Orlando. Fans chose Ginger over two other options, Gabi and Umma.

The baby was born June 3  and is the fifth walrus at the Orlando theme park. Her mother, Kaboodle, father, Garfield, along with Bruiser and Slowpoke perform in the Clyde and Seamore Show.

Initially, the calf was not gaining weight so SeaWorld vets began bottle feeding her on a formula designed to mimic walrus milk. She started gaining two pounds a day and now weighs in at 180 pounds.

Ginger is still being cared for backstage but SeaWorld is posting weekly updates on social media. A monitor has been set up at the walrus nursery, where visitors to SeaWorld’s Wild Arctic can watch Ginger’s growth. The calf can also be seen through glass windows during the the Beluga and Walrus Up-Close Tour, which costs $59 in addition to park admission.