Following Thursday’s announcement that a new family roller coaster is coming to SeaWorld Orlando next year, two other parks in the SeaWorld chain also revealed new-for-2024 attractions.

At SeaWorld San Diego, the addition will be a new aquarium called Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience. The new space will feature three separate galleries with jellyfish species such as “Moon Jellyfish, Pacific Sea Nettles, Upside-Down Jellyfish, and Comb Jellies,” according to a SeaWorld press release.

Jewels of the Sea: The Jellyfish Experience opens in 2024 (SeaWorld)

“Visiting the new Jellyfish Experience is an amazing opportunity like no other – a chance for our guests to see up close the spectacular details of these underwater marvels and witness how they live their lives in astonishing clarity,” SeaWorld chief zoological officer, Dr. Chris Dold, said in a statement. “Guests will walkthrough striking habitats and view vivid displays to learn more about these wonderful creatures. This new exhibit aligns with our mission of educating and inspiring guests to learn more about our oceans and the world around us.”

At SeaWorld San Antonio, 2024’s addition will be one originally scheduled for this year, Catapult Falls.

Catapult Falls (SeaWorld)

The first launched flume ride in the world, Catapult Falls will launch guests at approximately 20 miles per hour. The ride will also feature a vertical lift and multiple drops, including one angled at 53 degrees.

SeaWorld San Antonio is promoting the ride as a “flume coaster,” though flume rides are generally not considered to be roller coasters.

Acknowledging that that Catapult Falls was supposed to open this year,  SeaWorld San Antonio park president Jodi Davenport said in a statement, “Sometimes it takes a little delayed gratification to produce something completely innovative; it was important to us to ensure that our first-of-its-kind water flume coaster is perfected in every part of the ride experience and that is what we have done.”

Theme Park Tribune expects SeaWorld to soon make announcements for new experiences at the two Busch Gardens parks. Busch Gardens Tampa has some space available after closing its Sand Serpent coaster earlier this year.