Walt Disney Imagineers have been tasked with replacing plenty of existing attractions over the history of Disney parks. Judging the new attraction can be as simple as answering one question: Is it better than what it replaced?

In the case of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, I believe the answer is no. 

Adding the first-ever ride-through attraction starring the Walt Disney Company’s icon should be easily well-received, even in the heated Disney parks debates of 2021. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are so associated with the Disney brand that they won’t carry the synergistic stench of Disney ramming in the newest, hottest intellectual property wherever it can. To the average guest, it’s surprising that they don’t have their own ride already. 

Instead of hitching a ride on the gravy train, Runaway Railway falls short of its predecessor, doesn’t make good use of the large building it occupies, and delivers a noisy, sometimes charmless experience unbefitting of the mouse who started it all. 

Why here?

The first issue with the attraction is what it replaced. Or perhaps that it replaced anything at all. 

The Chinese Theatre is the weenie of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s what pulls you deeper into the park, the landmark at its hub. That position alone means that whatever attraction calls it home should say something about the larger concept of the park. 

The Great Movie Ride did that, with its mix of animatronics, practical sets, and live actors celebrating classic film. That fit right into Disney-MGM Studios’ glamorized vision of Hollywood with the Great Movie Ride at its center from 1989 to 2017. There’s no denying it needed updating, but what better way for Disney to show investors that it will exploit the expansive film libraries it now controls? 

The entrance marquee (Theme Park Tribune)

In contrast, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway doesn’t tell us anything about the identity of Disney’s Hollywood Studios — because the park really doesn’t have one. It’s largely just a collection of intellectual properties, with no common thread between, free of even the minor constraints of Magic Kingdom’s existing themed lands. 

Moving from a conceptual to a more practical view, the ride’s placement still doesn’t make sense to me. When Great Movie Ride closed in 2017, it reduced the already-thin Studios attraction lineup to a mere four rides. Even with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, the park still has a capacity problem, and keeping the Great Movie Ride would have improved that situation.  

Surely Runaway Railway could have fit somewhere else as an addition, such as taking over the Star Wars Launch Bay building that once housed the Magic of Disney Animation. Who better than Mickey to be the star of the Animation Courtyard? Or has Disney forgotten about the blessing of size it enjoys in Florida and couldn’t have constructed something entirely new? 

The ride experience

These concerns could be forgiven if the attraction had blown me away. Despite the presence of a tornado, it failed to do so. 

The queue remains largely the same, with the Chinese Theater interior now adorned with posters from the recent Mickey Mouse shorts, leading to a pre-show scene where Goofy’s antics cleverly open up a space into the ride’s cartoon world. (Note: This scene was being skipped during my May 2021 visit due to COVID-19 restrictions). 

Inside the Chinese Theater

Inside the Chinese Theater (Theme Park Tribune)

You then board what look to be train cars, with Goofy revealing himself as the conductor. Like his screen mishap, you soon find yourself in trouble, with the train cars detaching and your trackless ride experience beginning.

That detachment moment may have felt revolutionary thanks to its freedom of moment— if Disney hadn’t just opened another trackless ride in the same park just months earlier, the truly revolutionary Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

Unlike Rise, the ride vehicles spend much of the attraction acting quite similar to your standard, tracked Disney dark rides, which require far less space. They take advantage of the trackless freedom in a scene where each enters a separate room to simulate a tumble down a waterfall — one of the better moments showing off how the ride’s rooms can quickly change scenery — and a stop in Daisy Duck’s dance studio. Having your train car form a Conga line may seem fun, but it seems lazy compared to what Disney accomplished with its earlier trackless rides. 

Trackless vehicles in a row, much like any tracked dark ride (Theme Park Tribune)

Not a screen problem

My issues with the ride are not about its use of screens. While Disney is showing some signs that it’s following Universal’s old playbook of relying too heavily on screens (a problem Universal has actively addressed with its output since 2019), I strongly disagree with the doctrine that screens in theme park rides are inherently bad. Like any ride element, they can be used in unimaginative, unexciting ways (Universal knows this), but I reject the notion that animatronics always make for a better attraction.

In Mickey and Minnie’s case, I think the screens work and the animatronics don’t. Hard for me to complain about screens that cover entire rooms shift the setting right before the guests’ eyes, putting an emphasis on the cartoon world we’ve entered. But the animatronics are of the variety seen on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Frozen Ever After variety. Whatever these figures gain in facial expressiveness thanks to the projected faces, they seem to surrender any kind of expression with their bodies. The screen-based environments were enough to place me in the cartoon world. 

Expressive faces, sure, but not much else (Theme Park Tribune)

Speaking of the environments, while Mickey and Minnie do take you on a wild ride, it too often seems like sound and fury signifying nothing. It’s the classic “and then something went wrong” story, but the frantic cartoon pace seems to detract from the experience rather than encourage repeat rides. That chaos would be more entertaining to explore if the trackless vehicles actually explored these large spaces, but they consistently fail to utilize their freedom of movement. 

The ride ends on a calming note with a song and a new character written specifically for the attraction. Creating a bit of new IP within an attraction is something I want to see more often from Disney, but it doesn’t excuse laziness elsewhere.   

Addition vs. replacement 

I suspect Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will be more favorably reviewed on the West Coast, where it’s set to open in the Toontown area of Disneyland in 2023. Despite lackluster animatronics, underutilization of the trackless ride technology, and a chaotic-but-unmemorable story, it’s still a perfectly acceptable dark ride for the modern age and it would have been a splendid addition to any Disney park. 

But notice, again, how I said addition

In Florida, it replaced the thesis attraction of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, reflecting the park’s muddled, throw-all-the-IPs-together-over-here-who cares mentality. Taking up prime real estate as the centerpiece of the park, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway needed to be something special. Instead, it’s a modern-day C-ticket attraction in an E-ticket space.

Grade: C

DISCLOSURE: This review is based on my own opinion and perspective. I paid for my own park tickets. Disney did not grant me any special access to the park or to Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to conduct this review. 

31 Responses

  1. JM

    Heck no, are you wrong here.

    This attraction is amazing. Yes, I miss the Great Movie Ride, too. But surely you know how expensive that ride was to the company? Most of these movie properties were not Disney-owned, especially in an era where MGM just got bought out.

    They needed a solution that wouldn’t keep them having to renew all those licenses. Mickey Mouse was the best choice.

    Let’s put t simply. The animatronics are good. Disney quality for sure. They look exactly like the characters they are purporting to be. The ride experience is well done. Sorry the tornado didn’t blow you away (but we can’t all be cynics).

    The programming the ride vehicles is sophisticated, especially when you consider none of the cars are on tracks.

    Sorry you think differently. Everyone we saw in the queue were excited for this ride. I didn’t hear anyone say they didn’t enjoy it. For us, it was one of the brightest spots in HS by far.

    You’re wrong here. This attraction is amazing and very well done.

    • Kady

      Woah there darling, you are very much wrong. You can like something that another doesn’t not, but everything who’ve said was false.

      Next time your at Hollywood studios try asking a cast member there opinion on the ride. I’ve yet to meet one who enjoyed it. And many if not all that I’ve met DO NOT like the ride nor the animation because it’s NOT Mickey Mouse.

      In fact it’s an insult to the wonderful Walt Disney and everything he created. Since your not educated on the mishap that was the Great Movie Ride ill inform you. The contract through after TCM lost a beloved member. Disney in that moment could have updated the ride with new movies that they owned AND renewed license because we all know the Mouse has the money and you’re in denial if you think they don’t.

      Instead the opted for a poor ride choice that just pissed off a lot of fans and broke many hearts. I’ve been on it once and will never ride it again. It was childish (and yes Disney is for ALL AGES) and the animation is terrible. It wastes space and again it is no where near what came before it. It’s a sad excuse of a Disney ride and I hope it gets removed one day. The least they can do is pay homage, properly, to The Great Movie Ride.

      • J

        Cast member here. I loved it. Yes it’s sad gmr is gone but this was such a cute and fun ride. And Mickey’s animation is what is is that’s the new style they’ve chosen and honestly it’s grown on me. Mickey had been through many many changes from when he started.

    • Trish

      I agree! One of the best rides! We rode it 3 times in one day! We love when Daisy Duck does the dance thing! So much fun!

    • Elias

      I can’t tell if this article is meant to be serious or not due to how wrong it is. However, opinions aren’t ever really “wrong”. I just can’t believe anyone would share the same perspective with you. Runaway Railway is definitely a MUST for my fairly and I. Its so immersive and fun. The ride is fun. It provides storyline, thrill, art and entertainment, all the while giving you a ride dedicated to Mickey and Minnie. I can’t understand any distaste for this ride. I really can’t.

  2. DJ

    No JM, I don’t think he was aware that it wasn’t replacing anything. That the great movie ride was going away regardless. Yes, it could’ve been left a big empty building instead. I also have issues with other uninformed comments, but I’ll leave them be.

  3. Dv

    Terrible ride.
    Not worth waiting in the long line.

    • Seiji FA

      Maybe this argument works in Florida. In California it will be replacing a store in Toontown that didn’t have any unique merchandise as far as I know. And Toontown was in desperate need of some TLC and a new attraction. And I think this ride, a stone’s throw from where Mickey lives is a brilliant spot for it.

  4. Jedi

    The ride is nostalgic there are not to many mickey and minnie rides throughout the whole park which makes this great for kids who never got to grow up with the cartoons like I did so they get to see what the park is really about the past and it also covers the present so any type of throw back of mockey and minnie is always a thumbs up for me. I do understand where the writer is coming from but I also understand where disney was going also a throw back in time and great for the kids…

    • JM

      Well actually there are NO rides based on Mickey Mouse in any of the American Disney Parks. That is what makes this ride so special.

      I wonder why it took Disney so long to make one. It is well made. A good addition to HS

  5. RF

    It was a one and done for us. They could have done so much with that space. The screen faces are awful and do not represent all that used to make Disney so special. Secret Life of Pets over at universal blows this crappy ride out of the park and sadly harkens to the days where Disney used to wow us! Looks like Universal is closing the gap. Mind you we are die hard Disney fans but universal is innovating and sadly Disney is churning out more of the same underwhelming attractions!

    • JM

      Different strokes I guess. Universal isn’t innovating any more than Disney. You should look at what is coming to Epcot. Lots of neat stuff is going to there in the next year or two.

      But to say this ride didn’t innovate would be very woefully ignorant of it’s production. You do realize this is trackless? All those cars operating independently of each other is no small feat. And they have separate interaction screens at times. That is not a fly-by-night thing.

      I’m glad Secret Life of Pets is great. We need more competition in this space. But to use that to say Disney didn’t innovate is simply false

  6. Marcus

    This ride is LITERALLY the imagineers showing off and I love every minute is it. Of all the rides at Hollywood Studios, this is on top of my list of favorites.

  7. JW

    This ride delighted and amazed. Strongly disagree with reviewer.

    • Debra Grybb

      My son a I enjoyed the attraction.most of all we love Disney and have been going there the pass 28 years every other year.

  8. MT

    MMRR is a top 5 ride for me in all four parks. If you are already bored with trackless ride technology, I feel bad for you. We danced in a ride car for goodness sake. My children love the new Mickey cartoons in that art style. This ride relates to so many different people. It more than justifies its space.

  9. Lisa

    I disagree with this article, and I hate to think people won’t try the ride after reading this. My entire family adores this ride – it’s our favorite in HS and one of our top favs in all of Disney World. The ride was done so well the adults were blown away, and we enjoyed it as much as the kids did! We’ve gone on it several times and can’t get enough.

    With that said, I’ve been visiting HS
    annually since 1990 and remember the Great Movie Ride well. But I’m one of very few people who have any idea that the queue is basically the same. And it was sad to see the Great Movie Ride go, but it’s too outdated, the movies aren’t relevant today to most people under 40. I’m very pleased with the new ride that is there now!

  10. Bob

    What was a very long winded opinion of the ride could have been summed up in one sentence, I didn’t like the ride because it doesn’t fit the theme of the park.

  11. Jason

    Ride is awesome and beautiful. Thisreview comes off very snobbish and out of touch.

  12. Donna

    I loved the ride! The Great Movie Ride was outdated. The Mickey and Minnie ride is great for kids too! The only thing negative about the new ride… it was too short.

  13. Lisa

    I agree with the author of this article. Our first time on the ride it had issues. So we had to walk out. We were able to get back on the ride later and I really wanted to like it. It was just ok for me and I love Disney!

  14. Sherl

    My whole family loves the ride. It’s just fun no need to analyze the heck out of it. Super long-winded article which proves you’ve put way to much time and energy in to evaluating. Just enjoy it – everything doesn’t always have to make sense.

  15. Kady

    Wow I couldn’t agree more! My opinion stems even farther then this. It’s disappointing to hear about those who do enjoy the ride. It just shows that there are people out there that no longer see theming or remember just how amazing The Great Movie Ride was. Not only that, but the first attraction featuring Mickey Mouse is such an insult to Walt Disney. Not only is it NOT the classic cartoon animation , but it’s a styling that majority do not like. Disney really screwed up with this one. I miss everything that MGM/Hollywood Studios used to be. I hope one day they see the error in their ways and fix it. The magic needs to come back to this park. Thank you for sharing and I hope it makes an impact!

  16. James Truxton

    My wife and I were pretty underwhelmed by the ride, for us it is an experience NOT to be repeated.

  17. Gary

    I went to Florida last summer after it reopened and it was one of my favorite rides

  18. CL

    I miss the Great Movie Ride and wish they would have just updated that ride. They could have done some great upgrades. Its a ride I craved to go on visit after visit. I was disappointed and underwhelmed at this ride. I probably would have enjoyed it more it if my kids were still young, or if it didn’t replace a belived ride, but i have no desire to go on it again. My 20 something year olds felt the same way. TGMR was a ride for all ages. I wish they found another spot for it..

  19. Jackie Hawkins

    Wow….I guess different strokes for different folks. We just went to Disney and everyone in our party was so amazed and impressed with that ride we all wanted to ride it again and again.

  20. Theresa

    I have to say that I 100% disagree with this opinion. We absolutely loved it! It’s hard to say goodbye to some of the classic attractions like The Great Movie Ride but this was a worthy replacement in my eyes. Especially thinking of the perspective of my children who throughly enjoyed this in comparison to what previously occupied the space.

  21. Rebecca

    As an avid Disney fan, I completely agree with this. There was no understandable flow like the traditional dark rides, and seemed like it was over before it begun. Ot should have been an addition not a replacement ride. The Great Movie Ride could have been updated. But this Runaway Railway ride was a huge disappointment and not worth the time I waited in line.

  22. A

    TGMR was great back when they had enthusiastic cast members as tour guides. Then they became more wooden. Then they just automated it. Understandable cost savings but don’t pretend it was still what it once was when it was shut down. Our family enjoys the Mickey shorts so this was a welcome change for us and there seems to be some new detail to see every time we ride. I’m sure anything can get old when you’ve ridden enough times you can recite it and know every detail but… not there yet.