The recipe for Disney World “magic” in 2024, apparently, is forcing guests to pay extra for mediocre hotels.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, I was perfectly happy with the value of Disney’s value resorts, including the one I used on my last 2023 visit, Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort. The kitschy, motel-style accommodations often cost under $120 per night if you hunted down deals, but if you couldn’t, staying off-site didn’t potentially wreck your whole theme park day. 

In front of All-Star Sports (Theme Park Tribune)

In 2024, however, Disney has put off-site guests at too great of a disadvantage, as on-site guests get the earlier entry to every theme park and can book Individual Lightning Lane reservations at 7 a.m. That means begrudgingly pay inflated on-site prices like the $177 per night I paid for my single night at All-Star Sports. 

That makes this resort feel a bit more like a penalty box than a “value.” 

The rooms

If you’ve stayed at All-Star Movies, All-Star Music or Pop Century, these rooms are going to feel very familiar. 

Refurbished rooms at All-Star Sports (Theme Park Tribune)

All-Star Sports was the last to receive this room renovation after the pandemic delayed the upgrades. In fact, at the time of my 2023 stay, there was one building left with the older All-Star rooms(carpet included). 

For a look around the room and my thoughts on it, check out my room tour video:

The food

Like its two neighbors, the food All-Star Sports is serviceable, but unspectacular food. 

End Zone Food Court (Theme Park Tribune)

The End Zone Food Court is essentially all the food options rolled into one, and it’s a very similar layout to what you’ll find at the other two All-Stars: cafeteria-style stations doling out typical theme park fare like burgers, pizza, hot dogs, and, for breakfast, Mickey waffles. 

You’re inevitably going to end up eating here just for convenience, so my recommendation is go for some value and order a full pizza for your family.

Surprisingly good and affordable pizza (Theme Park Tribune)

A large cheese pizza goes for $19 (I went with pepperoni for $20), at the time I’m writing this, versus $8.79 for a single “super slice,” and the pizza is surprisingly tasty.   


You’ll have access to two sizeable pools at All-Star Sports. The main Surfboard Bay Pool is located just outside Stadium Hall and the food court, and the secondary Grand Slam Pool, themed as a baseball field.

Surfboard Bay Pool (Theme Park Tribune)

I wouldn’t consider either pool “quiet” — the never-ending pool games don’t help — and don’t offer any slides or hot tubs. Still, they’re large and heated to a pleasant 82 degrees. 

One small upside to All-Star Sports are that the themed areas are a bit more conducive to some energy-burning playtime with the young kids. Let them run around the mini-football field for a while before taking a nap.

One of the themed areas at All-Star Sports (Theme Park Tribune)

Sport Goofy is the resort’s lone gift shop, and surprisingly, does offer some resort-specific merchandise. That’s a first for any of my All-Stars stays.

Actual All-Star Sports merch (Theme Park Tribune)

Similar to its neighbors, All-Star Sports has a larger arcade than most Disney resorts. The mix of newer games, arcade classics and ticket redemption-style games should be able to occupy kids for at least a few hours. 

Like every Disney World resort, you do get bus transportation to and from the theme parks and to Disney Springs, but it’s also the only transit option unless you drive yourself. The size of All-Star Sports can make buses quite crowded — made worse when all three All-Stars share buses, as is typical in the middle of the day — and it’s one of the longest on-property drives to Magic Kingdom, taking about 20 minutes. 

The verdict: When you (and shouldn’t) stay at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

I wasn’t all that impressed with the other All-Star Resorts at Disney World, and All-Star Sports continues that streak of unexciting mediocrity. 

Paying $177 a night for a place like this is not my idea of “value. Unfortunately, Disney’s post-pandemic policies for on-site guests make it more necessary to stay on property to maximize your day inside the park — and that’s really the only reason to stay at All-Star Sports at these prices. 

If you’re planning on spending any significant time at the hotel during your vacation, however, you’d be better off staying off-site.   

Grade: C-

DISCLOSURE: This review is based on my own opinion and perspective. I paid for my own room, using a publicly-available deal from Priceline. The hotel was not aware that I was conducting a review, so I did not receive any special treatment or service.