A manatee found wedged into a Jacksonville storm drain has been given fluids for dehydration and is recuperating at SeaWorld Orlando.

The 950-pound female arrived at SeaWorld Wednesday night after a daylong ordeal. A City of Jacksonville employee who was part of a paving crew spotted the trapped manatee at 8 a.m. Workers from Jacksonville Fire Rescue and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission cut the pipe and freed the manatee around 3:30 p.m.

SeaWorld veterinarian Stacy DiRocco checked the sea cow’s vital statistics after she arrived at the Orlando theme park. Electrolytes were given for dehydration and her blood was tested. The vet found no fractures and the manatee was breathing and swimming normally in a backstage pool at SeaWorld.

DiRocco said she is hoping for a quick recovery and return to the wild within a week.

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