Another pandemic era restriction is being removed at SeaWorld, according to a report from Spectrum News 13.

The Orlando TV station reported Tuesday that it obtained an email sent to SeaWorld employees saying masks are no longer required if an employee is fully vaccinated. Workers will have to provide proof of vaccination and then wear a sticker on their name tag to indicate to guests why they are not wearing a mask.

According to Spectrum News, the policy will go into effect on May 25.

SeaWorld spokesperson Lori Cherry confirmed the report in an email to Theme Park Tribune, stating, “In accordance with CDC guidance, face coverings are no longer required for guests and ambassadors who are fully vaccinated.”

Theme parks have begun easing their mask requirements in recent weeks. This included SeaWorld, which went further than the likes of Universal and Disney by no longer requiring fully vaccinated guests to wear masks indoors or outdoors– though the parks are not checking any guest’s vaccination status, instead relying on an honor system.

Those rollbacks, however, have been limited to theme park guests until now. On a May 21 visit to SeaWorld-owned Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Theme Park Tribune observed that all employees, whether working indoors or outdoors, were still wearing masks.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated after its original publication with a statement from SeaWorld.