Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood seems to be making noticeable progress every day.

Desert pyramids and a wrapped Piranha Plant at Super Nintendo World (Ethan Becker)

In an immediate change since the last Theme Park Tribune update, the large pyramids in the desert area are now fully revealed. They look absolutely fantastic in person and are quite massive as well. To the right of the pyramids you can see one of the Piranha Plants wrapped in plastic. The yellow crane will be used as more props and animatronics are installed.

Two wrapped Piranha Plants sit near the land’s entrance (Ethan Becker)

Further to the right of the wrapped Piranha Plants, towards the land’s entrance, you can see scaffolding set up around Peach’s Castle.

Mount Beanpole may soon be free of scaffolding (Ethan Becker)

On the other side of the land, Mount Beanpole has progressed a lot since the last update. The mountain’s dirt and grass are fully visible with gravel and rock accents now being added. According to a construction worker on the project, crews are focusing more on Mount Beanpole this week and the scaffolding could come off as soon as this weekend.

There are unconfirmed rumors circulating on Universal fan forums that we should be on the lookout for materials for a potential second, small attraction located inside Mount Beanpole. If these rumors are true, it will most likely be nothing more than a small flat ride. Officially, Super Nintendo World is set to have only the Mario Kart attraction when it opens in 2023, along with interactive elements throughout.

A closer view of the wrapped Piranha Plants (Ethan Becker)

Moving to another viewing spot on the Starway escalator, we can see a better view of the Piranha Plant next to the desert pyramids. The restroom building on the lower level is in light blue and the Toad Cafe is under scaffolds to the left.

Bowser’s Castle has seen substantial progress in recent weeks (Ethan Becker)

Finally, Bowser’s Castle has made remarkable progress since the last update. All three turrets have been installed and you can clearly see all of the crowns now. From this view, you can also see Mount Beanpole more clearly and it is almost near completion. I cannot wait until the clouds get installed on those upper three slits on the mountain.

An overview of Super Nintendo World, scheduled to open in 2023 (Ethan Becker)

That’s all for this Super Nintendo World update. You can find more frequent video updates on my channel, Theme Park Wizard