Even with Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure now open (at least on most days), there’s still plenty of construction to see around the Universal Orlando Resort, including in areas that will expand its current footprint.

In our latest visit, we documented the many active construction zones around Universal.

Jurassic Park roller coaster

The most obvious construction site lies in front of the Jurassic Park Discovery Center at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Though Universal has yet to confirm its plans, permits and media reports say this area will be home to a new roller coaster.

The work is now affecting much of the Jurassic Park section, forcing other attractions (like the Raptor Encounter) to be moved and clearing away much of the foliage that visually separated Jurassic Park from the surrounding areas.

The Jurassic Park construction site as seen from Port of Entry (Orlando Rising)

The site as seen from the Mythos waterfront (Orlando Rising)

The construction site meets Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges (Orlando Rising)

The bypass bridge to Lost Continent has now been restored (Orlando Rising)

Construction walls and clear views now dominate Jurassic Park (Orlando Rising)

Terminator 2: 3D replacement

Shuttered in 2017, Terminator 2: 3D’s replacement was supposed to be Universal Studios Florida’s new ride for 2019, keeping Universal’s pledge to open a new attraction annually in every one of its parks. Yet there’s been no official announcement on what the replacement will be (it’s heavily rumored to be a “Jason Bourne” show) or if it will still open this year.

Unlike our last construction update, there is some indication of construction activity. Walls are now up around the former T2 entrance and it’s possible to hear the sounds of construction work from inside the ride’s old exit, the former Cyber Image shop.

Universal has said nothing about what will replace T2: 3D, which closed in 2017 (Orlando Rising)

Construction walls surround the former T2: 3D entrance (Orlando Rising)

Universal’s Endless Summer Resort

The first phase of this new resort, the first in Universal’s value category and the first to stretch Universal’s footprint to International Drive, opened on June 27.

Universal’s Surfside Inn & Suites (Orlando Rising)

Surfside Inn & Suites will be joined in March 2020 by Dockside Inn & Suites located across Universal Boulevard. At full build-out, the Endless Summer Resort will offer 2,800 hotel rooms.

Painting has begun on Universal’s Dockside Inn & Suites (Orlando Rising)

The entrance to Universal’s Dockside Inn & Suites remains a largely empty shell (Orlando Rising)

Construction site for Universal’s next park

Universal has yet to confirm it’s building another Orlando park, but it’s no secret: infrastructure plans have been filed, a potential name has been trademarked and work on the site has begun.

It’s hard to get a good look at the 500+ acre construction site from the ground, but I managed to snap a few photos of it from its far southeastern corner along Destination Parkway.

The best way to get a view of the expansion property is from the air with photos provided by the Twitter account @bioreconstruct.

This shows the far southeastern edge of Universal’s expansion property along Destination Parkway (Orlando Rising)

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