Pipeline, SeaWorld Orlando’s newest roller coaster — and the first of a brand-new coaster model — is ready for riders.

Thursday’s media preview offered one of the first chance for non-SeaWorld employees to experience the new ride and test the “surf coaster” experience designed by Swiss coaster firm Bolliger & Mabillard. (Editor’s Note: Theme Park Tribune rode Pipeline as part of that invitation-only media event.)

The Pipeline area brings the surfer vibes (Theme Park Tribune)

You’ll ride Pipeline standing position, but SeaWorld has said that there were additional movement in the restraint system, unlike the older B&M standup coasters.

You’ll be in a standing position on Pipeline (Theme Park Tribune)

That extra motion also simulates the feeling of jumping over waves — hence why Pipeline carries the title of “surf coaster.” 

Pipeline trains head into the station

In another change from the old standups, this coaster starts by launching you at 60 miles per hour.

You’ll then head into a the ride’s tallest element, its 110-foot-tall overbanked turn.

Pipeline’s launch heads straight into this turn (Theme Park Tribune)

A wider view of the overbanked turn (Theme Park Tribune)

An airtime hill is followed up by the ride’s one inversion. SeaWorld has called it a “wave curl,” designed to simulate a surfing maneuver known as a “cork alley oop.” 

Pipeline’s “wave curl” (Theme Park Tribune)

The second half of the ride consists of tight turns, including a horseshoe element and two helixes before you surf back into the station. 

Right after the wave curl (Theme Park Tribune)

One of the helixes on Pipeline (Theme Park Tribune)

Pipeline is SeaWorld’s seventh coaster, and its fourth built by B&M after Kraken, Manta, and Mako. SeaWorld’s Platinum annual passholders will get the chance to ride in previews being held Friday through Monday. Additional previews will progressively open up to lower tiers of SeaWorld passes before the ride opens to the general public on May 27.