PETA released a statement Thursday saying the “accidental pregnancy” of a Commerson’s dolphin at Aquatica is why they are calling on families to boycott SeaWorld.

A 16-year-old Commerson’s dolphin is expecting a baby any day, according to SeaWorld. The birth was a surprise because the mother, named Ringer, has been on birth control.

SeaWorld expected the four Commerson’s dolphins at Aquatica to be their last, however the company has not made a commitment to stop breeding them. SeaWorld agreed to stop breeding orcas in March 2016 following pressure from animal rights groups.

Commerson’s dolphins resemble mini-killer whales because of their black and white markings. In 1983, SeaWorld obtained a dozen from the wild. But the lack of genetic diversity made it difficult to breed them long-term. SeaWorld had Ringer on birth control to phase out the dolphins because the population was so small and not genetically diverse.

“Dolphins in the wild don’t need birth control,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange regarding the Aquatica pregnancy. “They can choose their partners, have families when they want to and teach their young to swim and play. Forcing another dolphin to endure a miserable life of swimming circles in a tiny tank is cruel, and it’s why PETA is calling on families to stay away from SeaWorld until the park agrees to move all marine mammals to seaside sanctuaries.”

SeaWorld Orlando did not return phone calls about the pregnancy.

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  1. Craig Shapiro

    Add the dolphin’s birth to the list of other reasons to avoid SeaWorld: nearly 40 orcas dead, nearly 30 more still in captivity; the heartbroken polar bear who died after her longtime cellmate was shipped across the country to breed at a zoo; all the other animals who are still being exploited; its refusal to transition them to sanctuaries where they can taste the freedom they’ve been denied. The place is pathetic.

  2. KimMarie

    This is such heart-breaking news. No marine animal should be raised in captivity or held hostage in a barren, concrete tank. If you care about animals, steer clear of #seaworldofhurt!

  3. LucyP

    This dolphin’s birth is nothing to celebrate–it will likely mean this little one will face a lifetime of captivity and circling the same barren tank. Shame on SeaWorld for refusing to work on a plan to retire these long-suffering animals to coastal sanctuaries, where they could enjoy something of a natural life.

  4. amy donovan

    How surprising–SeaWorld is continuing its disgraceful behavior. When will they learn that kind people do not want to see miserable animals suffering in tiny tanks? This is the second baby that they have recently allowed to be born. A second baby who will spend his or her life in captivity if SeaWorld has its way. SeaWorld doesn’t seem to have the capacity to do the right thing, so we must keep pressuring them until every one of the animals they exploit and imprison are released to seaside sanctuaries.


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