Hunting for a last-minute deal for your Walt Disney World vacation may lead to stay off Disney properties at one of the many hotels along Route 192 in Kissimmee, Florida.

I did this myself and paid $110 for a night at Star Island Resort, a large hotel complex located 10 minutes away from Disney World that offers multi-room units and can be booked using Club Wyndham timeshare points. You would think such a property would offer a comfortable stay, but what I found was a dingy, dated room that offered space but not much else. See and hear more about why you shouldn’t stay at this resort with my room tour and review below:

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  1. JM

    I honestly get a kick out of people who claim they paid 100 dollars or more a night and got a dingy, dated hotel room

    I agree with you. That is too much for such a room.

    Question I have is, does anyone ever consider the Priceline deals for 45 a night? In the Kissimmee area, there are literally dozens of them at that rate.

    Sure, some of them are dated and dingy, but is that really worse than what you experienced here?

    Actually, many of those deals are surprising. I have found little reason to complain. I wonder if people are too hard to please these days. When you book a Disney vacation especially, you’re not really going for the room. The room is a place to cool off and sleep. The parks are the experience you are paying for.