Contrary to what some conservative-leaning websites are reporting, the Tinker Bell character has not been “canceled” or “erased” from Disney theme parks. 

Earlier this month at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, as multiple Disney-centric blogs reported, signage for Tinker Bell’s meet-and-greet was removed. The character greeting had never returned following Disney World’s initial COVID-19 shutdown in March 2020. 

The signage change, coupled with a 2022 New York Times report that Peter Pan’s fairy friend was considered “potentially problematic” by Disney, melded into a narrative from conservative bloggers and commentators that Tinker Bell’s removal was a sign that “woke ruins everything,” as one X (formerly Twitter) user said.  

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said in a May 14 Daily Wire article that Disney “has decided they’re going to ax Tinker Bell from doing meet and greets at the park.”

Shapiro went on to say: 

This story doesn’t seem particularly big on the surface except that the way that you educate your children matters an awful lot. The way that you deal with things like children’s entertainment matters because kids are incredibly impressionable, their brains are incredibly malleable and plastic.

And when you teach them that Tinker Bell cannot be allowed in public view because Tinker Bell represents some sort of exploitative vision of women, you’re creating a society of victims.

Missing from Shapiro’s story is the fact that Tinker Bell is still greeting guests at Pixie Hollow, just off Disneyland’s hub. 

Screenshot of the Disneyland website on May 15, 2024 (Screenshot via TPT)

As shown above, meet-and-greet times for the character are available on the Disneyland website. 

A similar narrative took shape on, which styles itself a conservative version of Cosmopolitan, In its own May 14 article, the site claimed, “Disney will no longer hold meet-and-greets with the beloved fairy,” which blamed on “social justice warriors.”, the website of Alabama’s three largest newspapers, also said that the character had been “removed from park meet and greets with the public.” (After Theme Park Tribune emailed reporter Warren Kulo about the article, it was updated — but not corrected — to add in the fact that Tinker Bell is still greeting guests in Disneyland.)

The claim was also spread by right-wing YouTubers that are often critical of Disney, such as the anonymous “WDW Pro.” 

Even without a Magic Kingdom meet-and-greet, the supposedly “canceled” character is still featured in the park’s “Festival of Fantasy” parade and at the end of the “Happily Ever After” nighttime show.