The latest update on Cedar Point’s closed Top Thrill 2 roller coaster is, essentially, that there is no update. 

The revamped version of Top Thrill Dragster, sporting a second 420-foot tower and a new multi-pass launch system, earned rave early reviews before it was closed indefinitely starting on May 11. In social media posts on Tuesday, the Sandusky, Ohio, park said there’s no reopening date to share.

While the update didn’t provide any news, it was timed ahead of Cedar Point’s CoasterMania weekend. The annual event offers exclusive ride times, tours and Q&As for coaster enthusiasts – and part of the sales pitch this year was offering shorter waits on Top Thrill 2, as seen in this archived version of the Cedar Point website. 

Tuesday’s announcement may be meant as a final confirmation to CoasterMania attendees that Top Thrill 2 won’t be a part of their itinerary. 

It’s not the first time the event will be dampened by a new ride’s closure; after the original Top Thrill debuted in 2003, it was also closed for CoasterMania due to maintenance issues.   

With no official updates (besides a radio interview of Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark saying the closure “isn’t a summer-long thing), coaster YouTubers and bloggers have thrown out speculation and predictions about when Top Thrill 2 would reopen. Those theories have varied wildly from a reopening in time for CoasterMania to a season-long closure. 

While there have been videos of occasional Top Thrill 2 testing at night, that also doesn’t prove that a reopening is imminent. Cedar Point had said in its original May 12 statement that the unspecified “mechanical modification” to Top Thrill 2’s coaster trains would require “a thorough review” before reopening, including a third-party inspection.