If you were planning on sleeping in before your next trip to a Walt Disney World park, Disney has just the ticket option for you. 

The new “Mid-Day Magic” ticket will offer admission to any of the four Disney parks after 12 p.m. In exchange for skipping the opportunity to “rope drop” a park, you’ll pay a little less than full-day Disney tickets. 

The new ticket will be available in two- to four-day options. Here’s how the pre-tax price breaks down compared to Disney’s lowest-priced, one-park-per day tickets:

  • Two-day Mid-Day Magic ticket: $176 (vs. $214 for a regular ticket)
  • Three-day Mid-Day Magic ticket: $252 (vs. $312 for a regular ticket)
  • Four-day Mid-Day Magic ticket: $316 (vs. $402 for a regular ticket)

Guests can add the Park Hopper or Park Hopper Plus option to these tickets for an additional $70 and $90 per day, respectively. Like the rest of Disney’s tickets, prices will vary thanks to the resort’s date-based pricing system introduced last year. 

The new ticket option is available to use through Dec. 15. 

Disney has long offered time-limited tickets with entry after 1p.m. or 5p.m., but only to attendees of conventions either on Disney property or major shows at the Orange County Convention Center. 

The lower-cost option comes as Disney insists it has not priced out guests. Since the beginning of the decade, one-day ticket prices to Disney World have jumped 30 percent (from $79 to today’s lowest price of $109). 

When questioned on the company’s most recent earnings call about a drop in theme park attendance despite opening the heavily-hyped Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland last quarter, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger said “we do not feel that we have a pricing issue at our domestic parks.”

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