Disney Hollywood Studios is getting in touch with The Force as it opens up its yet-unnamed Star Wars theme park later this year.

On ABC’s The Wonderful World of Disney 60 celebration earlier this week, some teasing details were released about the enigmatic new addition.

According to an article written in Travel + Leisure, the park will have three rides as opposed to the two known about previously.

One will be a Millennium Falcon ride which is “unlike anything Disney has done previously,” according to the article; an interactive experience where guests will actually pilot the famed fictional science fiction cruiser.

The article also lists another ride that will put visitors in the midst of a “climactic battle,” like the ones made famous in the movies, complete with laser blasts and flying enemy ships coming at them from all sides.

Also, the article promises — of course — many costumed characters roaming around while you’re walking outside a ride and lots of good, themed food and drinks at various eateries. One of them promised will have “jewel-toned hues, gilded lamps, and tiled ceilings,” with a “definite Moroccan feel,” and some may catch glimpses of famous movie characters there, the article states.