On May 27, Legoland Florida will bring a new 4D movie and an augmented reality experience themed around the Lego Mythica sets. 

The new movie, titled “Lego Mythica – Journey to Mythica,” follows a character named Bobs into Mythica — a realm where every kids’ Lego creatures come to life. 

“There he will experience enchanted forests, raging seas, hidden caves, fire, and ice,” Legoland said of the new movie in a press release. “He will have to escape the Chimera, soar with Maximus the Sky Lion and make a splash with Duo the Hydra, all before discovering his true powers.”

Legoland Florida confirmed to Theme Park Tribune that the new film will be an addition, not a replacement, to the three 4D movies currently in rotation at the Fun Town Theater. 

After seeing the movie, guests can journey into the park’s temporarily reopened Miniland for another Mythica experience. In augmented reality experience using smartphones — sounding similar to Pokemon Go — guests can search for seven hidden Lego Mythica creatures and “capture” them as digital trading cards. 

Miniland has been closed for months for construction on a shade structure. That canopy isn’t finished yet, with Legoland saying construction will continue after “this limited-time experience over the summer.”

This is the first addition to Legoland Florida related to the Lego Mythica line. Across the Atlantic, Legoland Windsor is getting ready to open a new Mythica-themed land on May 29, headlined by a flying theater attraction called Flight of the Sky Lion.