In November 2020, Indiana Beach surprised coaster fans by announcing it was buying and relocating a classic Anton Schwarzkopf roller coaster. 

Nearly three years later, the ride has not opened – and the park hasn’t explained why. 

The coaster, renamed All-American Triple Loop, was first used as a traveling coaster in 1984 and last operated in Mexico, where it was the site of a fatal accident in September 2019. When Indiana Beach first announced the purchase, the relocated ride was tentatively scheduled to open in 2021. (Theme Park Tribune even included it on our “5 biggest attractions coming to regional parks” list for that year.)

The debut eventually slipped into 2022, and there was little word about the coaster’s progress until the coaster’s new name was revealed this past April. 

Indiana Beach’s website and YouTube channel still feature promotional items saying the coaster would be coming in summer 2023.

Yet the park has now closed for the season and no such debut took place – and the delay was never officially announced to guests. 

There are no records or sources indicating there are any safety issues holding the ride back. Various reports from coaster enthusiasts have spotted trains from another retired Schwarzkopf, Mindbender, delivered to Indiana Beach. 

Red, white and blue-painted trains were seen on the track in May. That same month, Theme Park Tribune heard that Indiana Beach had begun sending out feelers for a potential press preview of the ride. 

Since then, however, it’s gone quiet. It does not appear that All-American Triple Loop began the testing necessary to begin operations. 

Theme Park Tribune asked Indiana Beach officials for the reason behind the repeated delays. We received no response.

Other parks have delayed their coasters for years in the recent past, but largely due to pandemic-related factors. The SeaWorld chain delayed four coasters that were originally set for 2020 openings — Iron Gwazi, Ice Breaker Pantheon, and Emperor — to 2022, even though all its parks operated largely without physical distancing or crowd restrictions by mid-2021.