Six Flags parks don’t offer the on-site hotel accommodations you’d find at Disney and Universal, so your options are likely to be whatever chain hotels are nearby.

As I’ve documented in my other hotel room tour and reviews, these places can vary a lot in quality, even when locations carry the same brand name. Pay attention to online reviews — if a place has cumulative scores below seven on a 10-point scale on multiple sites, I wouldn’t risk staying there.

That’s the problem I ran into when researching hotels for an April 2023 trip to the Atlanta area, where I’d be staying near Six Flags Over Georgia. There are three hotels actually within walking distance of the front entrance, essentially as close to being “on-site” as I’ve ever seen at a Six Flags park.

But the catch was that all three had awful reviews.

Rather than risk all of those reviews being wrong just to be closer to the park, I opted to stay at the Hampton Inn & Suites-ATL Six Flags, about a 10-minute drive away, for $148 per night. I think I made the right call, as I’ll go over in my hotel room tour and review: