After more than two years in limbo, the “Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue” is coming back to Walt Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort on June 23. 

The show has run at the resort’s Pioneer Hall since 1974, making it the longest-running stage show at Disney World. It has been closed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Disney announced its return in a TikTok post Tuesday: 

@disneyparks HOOP-DEE-DOO MUSICAL REVUE IS RETURNING JUNE 23! WE REPEAT, JUNE 23! #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #FortWilderness #FriedChicken #Musical ♬ original sound – Disney Parks

If you haven’t experienced this Disney World staple, it features a mix of charmingly corny vaudeville comedy, folksy sing-alongs and audience participation. Intertwined with the show are generous, all-you-can-eat portions of fried chicken, barbecue ribs and cornbread.

Being one of the rare Disney World offerings not tied to any movie or TV franchise, there has been plenty of speculation over the past two years that the show was, to borrow the show’s corny sense of humor, hoop-dee-done. 

In fact, this was a rare case of Disney sites reporting opposing rumors.  Kenny the Pirate reported last October that the show would be returning soon. WDW News Today — known for saying it is “at war” with the company it covers — reported just two weeks ago that the show was rumored to be replaced with a bluegrass musical act. However, Disney World spokesperson Avery Maehrer stated at the time that the rumor was untrue. 

Reservations for the June 23 return will be available starting May 26.