One of the most popular events for coaster enthusiasts has apparently gotten a little too popular. 

Holiday World’s annual HoliWood Nights event features exclusive ride time on the park’s four biggest coasters. Its biggest draw is arguably “trimless” rides on The Voyage wooden coaster, meaning the coaster’s mid-course trim brakes are not used. 

For the 2022 event, the Indiana park announced that it will be limiting capacity. Interested guests are required to fill out a form on the Holiday World website to see if they’ll be selected for a spot for the event when tickets go on sale. 

“Last year, it felt like our attendees needed to choose between the community and the coaster rides, and that’s not in the spirit of HoliWood Nights,” Holiday World media relations manager Sabrina Jones wrote in a blog post. “And that’s why we felt it was time to make a change.”

Previous attendees of HoliWood Nights will be given preference in the selection process, Jones wrote, but first-time attendees can still fill out the form. 

Those lucky few will be able to purchase tickets for the June 3 and 4 event for $125, or $80 if they’re season passholders. 

During the first night of the 2021 event, The Voyage was temporarily closed after a 47-year-old Dawn Jankovic returned to the station unconscious. She died later that night, with the cause later determined to be severe internal blood loss caused by a tear in her right internal thoracic artery. While the force of the coaster did cause her death, Dubois County coroner Katie Schuck told The Indianapolis Star that, “It was just a reaction her body had from riding the ride. It had nothing to do with a malfunction or anything, as far as safety and that type of thing.”