Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights has pulled a prohibition scare by limiting libations to beer and wine at this year’s events.

The theme park had promoted on its blog that it would be selling watermelon-flavored Jell-O shots in squeezable heart-shaped containers.

“And when we say ‘heart-shaped,’ we are talking the human organ here, not Valentine’s shapes,” according to the ad.

But the shots could not be found, and fans complained on social media about the lack of hard liquor, usually sold at kiosks throughout the event.

Universal has taken down the blog post page that promoted the heart shots.

“Universal Orlando this year seems to have triggered a different type of fear this year, however, and that’s left a lot of fans howling, not laughing,” said Robert Niles, who authors the Theme Park Insider blog. “It’s the fear that the nation’s most popular Halloween event might be taking steps toward becoming a dry event like its Hollywood sibling.”

The park is placing a greater emphasis on beer and wine as compared to other kinds of alcohol, according to a Universal spokesman.

Guests can still belly up to any of the park’s bars for a mixed drink.