Fury 325 is back open at Carowinds, roughly six weeks after the ride shuttered following a break in one of its support pillars. 

The break had been spotted by a guest on June 30. 

No exact cause of the break has been revealed by Carowinds, coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard or the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Elevator and Amusement Device Bureau. Carowinds announced within a week that the broken pillar would be removed and replaced. 

CNN reported that another crack, or “weld indication,” was discovered on the ride in late July, but Carowinds said in a statement to the network that such cracks were not uncommon and “do not compromise the structural integrity or safety of the ride.”

In a statement issued Thursday, Carowinds said the ride is reopening following a series of tests and safety inspections following the new pillar’s installation:

“Working closely with B&M and our consultants, the team initiated a series of detailed tests to ensure the coaster’s safety and integrity. These included an accelerometer test that uses sensors to measure any variation in the ride experience. After that, we operated the ride for 500+ full cycles, performing tests and inspections to ensure the ride’s integrity throughout that period. B&M and a third-party testing firm then conducted a final inspection to ensure the ride surpassed all required specifications. Earlier today, August 10, the Bureau conducted a final inspection and formally approved reopening of the ride.”

The 325-foot-tall coaster is the tallest coaster in the world with a lift hill, with a 1.2-mile-long track and a top speed of 95 mph. Fury 325 has been voted the best steel roller coaster in Amusement Today magazine’s Golden Ticket Awards every year since 2016.