Fun Spot America has confirmed rumors that its Mine Blower wooden roller coaster will be partially retracked by famed coaster firm Rocky Mountain Construction.

First reported by the YouTube channel Midway Mayhem, the retracking project at the Fun Spot park in Kissimmee, Florida was made official in a Sunday night press release.

The project will involve RMC’s “208 RetraK” product, which the firm describes as a steel track that “lasts up to 5 times longer than traditional wood coaster track and eliminates the need for continuous inspection, repair, and replacement of track sections. Additionally, 208 ReTraK is able to utilize a ride’s existing trains, mechanical system, and controls.”

John Arie Jr., Fun Spot president and CEO, said in a statement that “Working with RMC on our ArieForce One roller coaster in Fun Spot Atlanta in Fayetteville, Georgia, has been nothing short of incredible. Now, to work with RMC and their 208 ReTraK Solution on Mine Blower is a game changer for our park.”

Mine Blower originally opened in 2017, becoming the only wooden coaster in Florida with an inversion. However, the Gravity Group-designed ride quickly gained a reputation for excessive roughness, being nicknamed “Spine Blower” among coaster fans. One rider reported last December that portions of the track look to be in rough shape.

Theme Park Tribune subsequently confirmed through state of Florida records that Mine Blower had passed a safety inspection in November 2022. Fun Spot did not respond to a request for comment on the ride’s condition.

The Fun Spot press release says Mine Blower should reopen sometime this summer.