Fun Spot America announced the name of its newest roller coaster to a national audience during a 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

The costly ad gave more than 100 million viewers a preview of Mine Blower, the wooden coaster that will open this summer at Fun Spot’s Kissimmee location.

A 30-second ad for the 2017 Super Bowl was going for a record $5 million, nearly $170,000 per second, according to the New York Times. Some companies spent up to $12 million to create the ads.

Fun Spot’s Chief Operating Officer John Arie Jr. introduced the Mine Blower name, which was followed by a computer simulation of the ride.

Mine Blower will be the only wooden coaster in the Southeast U.S. to include a 360-degree barrel roll – a unique addition for a roller coaster.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind in America,” Arie said during the commercial.

The $6 million wooden coaster will be 2,256 feet long and reach a height of 82 feet. The thrill ride will have a speed of 49 mph.

Not only do millions of people watch the ads on Super Bowl Sunday, but they also bring a burst of articles, blog posts and social media coverage.