In a Christmas surprise, Fun Spot America Theme Parks released a new point-of-view video showing the highly-anticipated new coaster coming to its Atlanta region park in 2023.

ArieForce One, named after Fun Spot founder John Arie, is being built by Rocky Mountain Construction, the coaster firm behind world renown rides such as Iron Gwazi. The 154-foot-tall, 3,400-foot-long steel coaster will hit a top speed of 64 miles per hour, include an 83-degree first drop and four inversions, including what is being called the “largest zero-g stall in America.”

The coaster was first announced at the 2021 IAAPA Expo and was originally supposed to open in 2022. There’s no official opening date set yet, but the website Roller Coaster DataBase lists it as opening on March 3, 2023.

ArieForce One will be the third coaster at Fun Spot Atlanta, located in Fayetteville, Georgia, and will dwarf its neighbors: the 38-foot-tall Hurricane Coaster and 11.5-foot-tall Kiddie Coaster. Fun Spot says the ride is the most expensive the chain has ever built at $13 million.