Universal Orlando revealed details Thursday about the five scare zones that will join nine haunted mazes at Halloween Horror Nights.

Two zones are based on the iconic Halloween film, “Trick ’r Treat,” and the popular film franchise, “The Purge.” The other three are original scenes designed by the Universal Entertainment team.

The horrifying street experiences will be filled with mutants, monsters and maniacs that stalk guests at the annual Halloween event.

The scare zones include:

Trick ‘r Treat, where the infamous Sam lurks in the shadows behind jack-o’-lanterns waiting to scare trick-or-treaters.

The Purge features the return of fan-favorite characters from the Purge film saga.

INVASION! allows guests to become the human experiments of alien scientists who plan the destruction of planet Earth.

Altars of Horror is an assemblage of haunted mazes based on iconic horror films and terrifying TV shows.

Festival of the Deadliest includes a ghastly collection of madmen and monsters.

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights will also feature two live shows. Academy of the Villains returns for a second consecutive year with an all-new show and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure Show will bring their Farewell Tour after a 26-year run.

Halloween Horror Nights begin Sept. 15.