Epcot’s Mission: SPACE reboots with two new missions, one of which includes younger astronauts.

The relaunch coincides with the closing of Ellen’s Energy Adventure inside the Universe of Energy.

The attraction, which launched in 2003, features NASA-style training and space travel aboard the Mission: SPACE rocket. Initially, the intensity of the space simulator was too realistic for guests and gave the attraction a bad rep. A few years later, Disney lowered the gravity but the ride never grew large crowds.

Starting Aug. 13, the relaunched missions will be an enhanced version of the classic ride. A new HD-enhanced Orange Mission allows guests to feel the force of an actual space launch en route to Mars. Riders will dodge meteoroids, slingshot around the moon and attempt a precision landing on the Red Planet’s alien surface, according to the Disney blog.

The family-friendly Green Mission takes an orbit around Earth with views from space of the Hawaiian Islands, Italy’s boot and the Northern Lights before finally landing at Kennedy Space Center.

Disney Imagineering has reconfigured the ride to give younger astronauts a chance to venture into space as the height restriction will be changed with the addition of new X-2 booster seats allowing children 40- to 44-inches tall to ride, the same height allowance used on Soarin’ and Test Track.