A Twitter video tease asking viewers to look to the stars gives a glimpse of Walt Disney World’s new holiday show, which uses drones hovering over Disney Springs to create a Christmas tree of lights in the sky.

Andrea Finger, a Walt Disney World spokeswoman, said it was premature to comment if drones were used in the video or when the show starts. However, an Orlando drone expert said Tuesday that the video’s buzz sound, unique to flying drones, confirms the new technology is being used to create the light show.

“Disney is a pioneer when it comes to using new technologies for creating magical guest experiences in their theme parks,” said Jonathan Arias, owner and pilot at Orlando Aerial Videos.

“I think we can expect Disney to use drones for interactive 3D displays, flying in prearranged patterns to display spectacular 3D animations and perhaps even your favorite Disney characters, very similar to Intel’s “The Making of Drone 100.”

The Federal Aviation Administration gave Disney approval last week for “night unmanned aircraft systems operations” through November 2020, according to a post by theme park blog WDW News Today.

Disney filed patents and applications for drones called Flixels that could carry projectors, marionettes or lights. Patent documents said the drones could fly in synchronicity during shows and parades.

The 24-second video shows people using computers to create a swirling green Christmas tree of lights in the sky.

“This holiday season, the idea of “wishing upon a star” will take on an even more magical meaning in the skies of Disney Springs,” according to the Disney Parks Blog.



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