The new annual pass program for the Disneyland Resort — called the Magic Key — has now been unveiled, offering four tiers, three of which with significant blockout dates. 

Advance reservations have been required for all guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Magic Key holders won’t be an exception. How many reservations guests can make, and what dates they’re blocked out of the parks, varies between tiers. 

Here’s what offered in each tier:

Imagine Key-$399

The lowest tier is available only to Southern California residents living in zip codes 90000 to 93599. Guests can handle up to two reservations at a time and get 10 percent off select dining and merchandise. 

While the Imagine Key is cheaper than previous Disneyland pass options, it comes with 200 blockout dates where it can’t be used. The full calendar is available here

That extensive list includes all weekend dates throughout the year, every day between June 3 and Aug. 21, 2022, and major holiday periods, including Dec. 17 through Jan. 9. 

Enchant Key-$649

The next tier up allows four advance reservations at a time and offers 10 percent off select dining and merchandise. While close to the price of the old Flex Pass, the Enchant Key comes with many more blockout dates, 103 in all, including most weekends in April, May, October, November, and December. The summer blockout period begins June 10 and runs through August 14. 

Believe Key-$949

Guests at this level can hold six advance reservations at a time. The same 10 percent off dining and merchandise discount also applies. This is the first tier that offers a parking discount, 50 percent off at any of the official Disneyland lots. 

Believe Key holders will still be blocked out for 72 days per year, including Saturdays in July, all but one Saturday in October, April 9-17, and Dec. 18-Jan. 2. 

Dream Key-$1,399

The highest tier allows six reservations at a time, and increases the discounts to 20 percent for merchandise and 15 percent for dining. Its the only tier where theme park parking is included and there are no blockout dates. 

Guests can pay for all four tiers through a monthly payment plan after a $179 down payment. This is despite the fact that allowing monthly payments is often cited as the reason Disneyland’s annual pass base became so large and difficult to manage that the program had to be altered.

The Magic Key program will go on sale Aug. 25.