Traveling on a budget to Disneyland can be a balancing act between different needs.

Case in point: You’ll pay a premium for hotels that are physically closer to Disneyland’s main Harbor Boulevard entrance, even if some of those resorts haven’t been updated in years. If you’re willing to walk further or take an Uber or Lyft, you can find nicer accommodations at a better price.

Located along the road running up to the Anaheim Convention Center, the Clarion Hotel Anaheim hangs on the edge of the resort area that I’d consider easily walkable — even if the walk came after a long day at the theme parks. It’s easier to score a deal her at the Clarion than its neighbors, the Hilton Anaheim and the Anaheim Marriott, but it wouldn’t be worth it if I had to pay much more than my $107 per night rate in February 2023.

If I had booked a hotel a block or so south on the same dates, I may have paid close to the same rate and gotten something nicer. The trade-off would have been a longer walk to Disneyland in the morning and probably wanting a rideshare back at night.

For more on why I think I didn’t like the dated rooms, laughable water pressure and lackluster amenities at Clarion Hotel Anaheim, check out my room tour and review: